I am an interactive designer, a graphic designer and paper illustrator interested in everything to do with space – the universe kind!

I have recently graduated from the London College of Communication having diversified into interaction design communication from graphic design. I often use paper illustration as a method of prototyping my ideas creating many 3 dimensional pieces for my own projects and enjoy this intersection between physical and digital outputs.

Through recent research I have begun to explore Machine Learning in the visual arts and continue to develop my coding skills in Processing and P5.js.

While bashing out code and design I get lots of inspiration from listening to various podcasts … here’s a few of my particular favourites; Adam Buxton for general hilarity and everyday observation, This American Life for a cultural interlude and Radiolab.org for a weird and geeky clash of science, art and technology …

If you’re a fellow space geek or interested in any of the above give me a shout via my email, Twitter or Linkedin and check out my Instagram