After a lot of prep work (on and off) I’ve finally got my hands dirty with some character rigging and animation! The best workflow option (and something that was recommended a few times) was using the Duik tools, a free rigging and animation plugin for After Effects. In a nutshell, it helps to easily rig elbow and knee joints with inverse kinematics (inbuilt geometry) allowing characters to move around in a more realistic and intuitive way – and with minimal keyframes! It’s amazing, I recommend itduik_rig_thumbnail.


A massive thanks to Lee Daniels for the tutorials – they were very concise, understandable and super helpful! There are loads more great tutorials and short films over on Lee’s YouTube channel, check it out. This is the first in a series on character rigging:

It’s always worth re-watching The Complete Animade Lernz when you start any character animation …learn from the masters!